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Be an Owner – Not a Franchisee

The WeightLoss MD Model is different, we allow you to own your own business.
Even the best franchise opportunities are expensive and come with many franchise restrictions. With us, you are buying your own business.

You have 100% control over all aspects of your business. Since we are not a franchise there are no ongoing royalty or licensing fees. Why buy a weight loss franchise or a long term license when you can be an independent owner of your own clinic? When you buy our model you pay a one time fee with no residual fees.

We train you, your providers and your staff on proven protocols and help you design and operate a clinic that suits your marketplace. We teach you how to advertise and drive patients to your clinic. We believe the key is helping you identify YOUR marketplace opportunities.

A Weight Loss franchise is typically a one-size-fits-all model.  While that franchise may have worked somewhere for someone it may not work for you in your area.  If it does work you will be encouraged to buy surrounding territories to protect your clinic or the franchisor will sell those territories to others who will then be your competitors. Remember that the main business of the franchisor is to sell franchises.
WeightLoss MD allows you to create your own clinic, with your own scope of practice, at your own pace, in your own marketplace to maximize profitability.

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