Frequently Asked Questions

Following are commonly asked questions about us and our model. To learn more about our own weight loss centers please visit our clinic website, www.weightloss-md.com .

Is this a franchise?

No. You are buying our business model and we are not a franchise. We charge you a one-time fee and support you for one full year. After that we are available for a low hourly fee should you ever need us. Now, that doesn’t mean we go away. We operate our own clinics in a highly competitive environment. As such, we are constantly pushing the envelope in advertising, marketing and new weight loss and wellness procedures and protocols. Not only do we teach you what we know, we teach you what we learn.

Will I own and operate my own clinic?

Yes, you own and operate your clinic independently from us.

What happens after the three face-to-face training sessions?

Training is just the tip of the iceberg. In our sessions your team and our team will be assigned extensive actionable project lists that will guide you on your way to opening your clinic. We will be in constant contact with you until your clinic opening day and beyond.

How long will it take before I can open my clinic?

If you are adding our model to your existing medical practice, you could be offering weight loss services to your patients in 30 days or less. If you are building a brick and mortar clinic, it will depend on lease negotiations, site restrictions and time of build-out.

Can I add different services to this model?

Yes.This is your clinic and you answer to no one but your patients. While weight loss, lab testing and hormone replacement therapy are included in our model, other services such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser therapies, HGH, Semorilin, PRP, and infusion therapies are provided by many of our affiliates.

What about the vendors I will need to operate my clinic?

You will get contracts with all of our vendors (labs, foods, meds, injectables, medical supplies, supplements) with our nationally negotiated pricing already in place.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy help my weight loss clinic?

Yes. We formed MD BHRT to be a natural addition to our weight loss protocols to help weight loss patients in our practice. It has now grown to help women and men who are not our weight loss patients.

Does your one fee cover all models or do you charge extra?

Our one time fee includes our WeightLoss MD, LabTest MD, BHRT and Low T models. However, it is not mandatory to use all of our models in your clinic. It is your clinic and you decide what to offer.

Can I come to visit before I make a decision?

Absolutely! We are happy to give you a tour. Just let us know your timeline and we will make it happen.

What is the next step if I want to learn more?

Please provide your information on our Contact page. We will send you more information, schedule a call or 20 minute webinar or schedule a time for you to visit us.

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