“I trained with Weight Loss MD in order to add weight loss and Low T therapies to my clinic. I only have positive things to say about my training. They gave me all the tools in order to start my very successful practice. Since the initial training, they have been extremely responsive to al of my questions and I am part of a team of all the providers they have trained. They share all their work to improve my practice (as we do with them). Working with them has been a fantastic investment and I would recommend it without reservation.”

– JB, MD

” I was looking for a ‘turnkey’ opportunity, which did not involve a hefty franchise fee or obedience and commitment to a corporate office. I liked the fact that Weight Loss MD was not interested in such a structure. Their in-depth knowledge of weigh loss includes not only extensive and comprehensive insight into the business of weight loss, but also wide-ranging cognizance of the most up to date medical information related to weight loss. Imagine having full and unrestricted access to not only answer all your questions, but also setting your mind at ease. They have provided me every opportunity to succeed. They have been nothing but responsive, respectful, and caring.”

– RT, MD

“I can’t say enough about what a good decision it was to invest in this model. The training for me, my Nurse Practitioner, practice manager and staff was exemplary. The materials are comprehensive, thorough and appropriate. Thank you again.”

– SV, MD

” I am an OB/GYN in private practice and was growing more and more concerned about the future as I saw my reimbursements going down year after year. My practice is about 75% Medicaid. I wanted to bring in a weight loss model that could easily fit into my current practice to serve my existing patients and attract others outside of my practice. This model was perfect for me. Not only did they train me and my Nurse Practitioner, they trained our entire staff. They came to us and analyzed our current practice and suggested changes in our vendors, office layout, accounting, and personnel.
We were able to recoup all our expenses for office modifications, new equipment AND training costs within 2 months of offering weight loss. It is a shame that I had to go to a cash-based business to save my practice but I see this as a blessing because it has allowed me to continue in my chosen field, help my patients become more healthy and provide much-needed financial stability.”

– TD, MD

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